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Islamabad Postal Code: In the heart of Pakistan lies Islamabad, the nation’s capital, boasting a plethora of essential government structures. But if you seek to unravel the intricacies of islamabad s postal code system you ve come to the right place in this article we ll delve into the various facets of islamabad and furnish you with the knowledge necessary to identify your location and navigate this vibrant city in pakistan.

Islamabad Postal Code: Unveiling the Divisions



The capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad, is intricately divided into ten postal zones, further subdivided into a total of 52 sectors, making a grand total of 112 sectors within Islamabad.

Each postal zone bears a distinctive name and code, which means that understanding the sector is pivotal in locating your precise address. Our guide will prove invaluable once you’ve ascertained your sector, aiding you in pinpointing your exact destination.

Let’s begin by exploring the expanse of Zone 1 in Islamabad. This zone encompasses prominent areas such as Gulberg, the Diplomatic Enclave, and F-9/2 Sector. To offer a clearer picture, here’s an example of an address in this region and how it might appear on a map:

Postal Code: 05101
Address: G-2/2 Gulberg
City: Rawalpindi
Sector: F-8/1

Deciphering the Islamabad Postal Code

The Islamabad postal code serves as a unique numeric identifier for all areas within the city. Comprising five digits, this code is employed by Pakistan Post and various governmental entities for mail distribution.

To determine your specific Islamabad postal code, you can consult your local post office or simply find it online. In case you’re unsure about the pronunciation, remember that it rhymes with “hairaad” and can be pronounced as “I-T-T-A-I-R-A-D.”

In the forthcoming sections, we’ll provide comprehensive insights into locating your Islamabad postal code, including a city map delineating its districts.

How to Obtain Your Islamabad Postal Code

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The postal code for Islamabad is consistently represented as 25000. To find your address, it’s imperative to identify the city and district where it resides. Islamabad falls under the district of South Rawalpindi within the city of Rawalpindi.

If you reside outside of Islamabad but wish to correspond with the city, here are alternative options:

  • The Karachi Post Office (21000)
  • The Lahore Post Office (14000)
  • The Peshawar Post Office (21100)

Initiating your journey in Islamabad commences with locating your postal code. To facilitate this process, consider these helpful tips for finding your Islamabad address and city code:

  • To discern your area code, scrutinize the final three digits of your postal code. Codes ending in “01” pertain to Islamabad, while those concluding with “05” are associated with Rawalpindi.
  • To gain further insight into city codes in Islamabad, a quick Google search using the keywords “Islamabad codes” will yield a list of all pertinent codes.
  • If you’re uncertain about the district you’re searching for, enter “Islamabad” in Google Maps and use the navigation controls to explore the city’s various sections.

Islamabad, as Pakistan’s capital, houses numerous pivotal buildings, all strategically situated within different areas of the city. This arrangement simplifies the task of locating your address and city in Islamabad. To identify your specific city segment, it’s crucial to acquaint yourself with the following regions:

  • Rawalpindi
  • Islamabad-I
  • Islamabad-II
  • Faisalabad

The primary thoroughfares that traverse these regions include Shahrah-e-Faisalabad and Shahrah-e-Mashriq (M1).


Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, occupies a distinct position within the country. Located in the Islamabad district, it falls under the purview of Rawalpindi Division, Islamabad Capital Territory, and Pakistan.

With a population exceeding 6 million residents, Islamabad is among the most densely populated cities in Pakistan. It comprises 11 parliamentary constituencies and nine union councils, solidifying its status as a significant administrative and political hub.

In terms of geographical expanse, Islamabad not only serves as the capital but also ranks as Pakistan’s largest city. Administratively, it encompasses three districts: Rawalpindi, Islamabad East, and Islamabad West, along with 25 Union Councils or townships.

The Islamabad postal code encompasses the range of 50060 to 50059.

1. What is the purpose of the Islamabad postal code?

  • The Islamabad postal code is a unique numeric identifier assigned to specific areas within the city, essential for mail distribution by Pakistan Post and government agencies.

2. How can I find my Islamabad postal code?

  • To find your Islamabad postal code, consult your local post office or search online. Codes ending in “01” are for Islamabad, while “05” denotes Rawalpindi.

3. What are the major divisions within Islamabad?

  • Islamabad comprises regions such as Rawalpindi, Islamabad-I, Islamabad-II, and Faisalabad, each with its distinct areas and sectors.

4. Is Islamabad the largest city in Pakistan?

  • Yes, Islamabad not only serves as the capital but is also the largest city in Pakistan, both in terms of population and geographical area.

5. How many union councils does Islamabad have?

  • Islamabad boasts nine union councils, contributing to its status as a significant administrative and political center in Pakistan.