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Mitigate Printer: In today’s modern era, most digital devices that use the internet to function are prone to cyber threats. Knowing this, printers get the least attention when it comes to securing your business from online threats. Printers may seem like the safest devices in your office, but actually, they are also targeted by cybercriminals. Thus, without having any strict security measures in place, attackers can gain access to your system and steal away confidential information.

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Additionally, businesses print out tons of documents on a daily basis that include sensitive information. If this information gets leaked, businesses can face negative consequences and may even affect their revenue growth. Furthermore, as technology evolves, cybercriminals are using new techniques to compromise security and find their way in. Considering this, every organization needs to implement strong preventive measures in the workplace.

Does your workplace have printing devices? Here are the best ways to mitigate printer security risks.

Printers can be prone to various vulnerabilities, such as unauthorized access, print job manipulation, unauthorized configuration changes, and more. Specifically, with unauthorized configuration changes, a cybercriminal can change the route of print jobs. This will cause your important documents to fall into the wrong hands and end up being misused. Therefore, if you print tons of critical information regularly, it’s important to ensure they are not mishandled.

This guide will throw light on best practices to secure your printing department from potential threats.

  1. Replace Outdated Hardware (Mitigate Printer)

Old printing devices lack firmware updates, which is crucial to address the rising cyber threats. Specifically, if your hardware is 5 or more years older, the manufacturer has most likely stopped releasing firmware updates. New firmware updates are released to patch existing vulnerabilities and keep printing devices secure.

Therefore, if your model is old, it’s most likely using old firmware, which can be breached easily by attackers. Considering these concerns, most thriving organizations opt for printer rental Dubai vendors to rent out a printer that fulfills all workplace needs while having maximized security. These latest printers are equipped with the latest firmware and continually release new updates to patch certain printing vulnerabilities. 

  1. Eliminate Printing Logs (Mitigate Printer)

Printing histories can also pose a security threat, as hackers can use these logs to collect sensitive information. Additionally, cybercriminals can also use these logs and maintain a low profile to continually collect confidential information. This is important because without making any noticeable moves, cybercriminals can stay inside your network for a longer period.

Printers that don’t have a printing history can be less prone to cyber criminals, and attackers are less likely to target such devices. Therefore, it’s important to turn off your printing history in the configuration. However, if you can’t turn off the history, you must consider clearing your logs regularly to keep cyber criminals away.

  1. Enable Multifactor Authentication (Mitigate Printer)

Multifactor authentication is the best security practice that is widely used in various online applications. This demands users to verify through multiple verification methods every time they sign in. Additionally, it can be linked to your phone, which requires your phone every time you want to access your printer data.

Having this enabled on your printer models, even if the cybercriminals get your login credentials, they still can’t gain access. Therefore, using two different ways to gain access to your system can leave attackers with no choice but to give up. Considering this, you must encourage your printing department to use 2FA (Two-Factor Authorization) to harden your security.

  1. Better Password Management (Mitigate Printer)

Another best practice can include frequently changing your printing device passwords. Using the same passwords for extended periods can likely be the reason for a breach. Considering this, it’s important to encourage your employees to change their passwords and pins regularly. Following this practice will keep your system out of the attacker’s reach.

Also, it’s important to use more complex and strong passwords, as attackers can use brute force attacks to gain access. You can use complex password generator tools to create new passwords frequently. Teaching your employees the best password management techniques will prevent most of the online security threats.

  1. Develop a Printer Security Strategy (Mitigate Printer)

The printing department requires more than following the practices to protect your system against cybercriminals. You must also develop a printing security strategy with the help of specific tools, tactics, and best practices. Along with all the mentioned factors, it’s equally important to use the latest printing models that have a robust security system.

However, if you are using old technology that is prone to vulnerabilities, all your preventive measures can go to waste. Therefore, you must also include the implementation of the latest printing models in your security strategy. Considering this, businesses use printer rental services in Dubai to get new printing models in the relevant department. This allows organizations to minimize huge upfront expenses and strengthen their printing department’s security.

Bring in the latest printing models that are capable of handling multiple tasks simultaneously. Maximize your workspace efficiency and minimize the risk of losing your sensitive information. Contact now to rent a printer that addresses all your printer security-related concerns.