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Mandy Rose Leak: In a surprising turn of events, former NXT women’s champion Mandy Rose has allegedly been released by WWE less than 24 hours after relinquishing the WWE NXT Women’s Championship to Roxanne Perez.

Perez secured victory in the Iron Survivor Challenge at WWE NXT Deadline, originally set to vie for the NXT Women’s Championship at New Year’s Evil on January 4, 2023. The abrupt rescheduling of the match to the following night sparked immediate speculation regarding Rose’s standing within WWE.

Rose’s departure seems to be correlated with explicit content leaks from her FanTime page, a paid platform akin to OnlyFans. The leaked content, including nude photos and videos, reportedly prompted WWE officials to reassess their association with the wrestler.

According to Fightful Select, WWE officials found themselves in a challenging position due to the nature of Rose’s FanTime content, deeming it beyond the acceptable boundaries outlined in her WWE contract.

Mandy Rose Leak: As of now, Mandy Rose has not responded to requests for comment on the situation. Any developments on her side will be duly updated.

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It’s worth noting that WWE Superstars, classified as independent contractors, were mandated to terminate their third-party deals in 2020, encompassing platforms like Twitch and external sponsorships. This directive, instigated by Vince McMahon, generated considerable controversy within the WWE locker room and even drew attention from Presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Yang pledged to advocate for wrestler rights if appointed as the Secretary of Labor.