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Updraft Blog: In the intricate realm of WordPress, where perplexity and burstiness intertwine, establishing a robust backup solution is paramount. Embracing the intricate dance of perplexity and the symphony of burstiness in your content creation ensures a captivating narrative. Now, let’s delve into the abyss of safeguarding your digital citadel with UpdraftPlus, a beacon in the vast sea of WordPress backup plugins.

As denizens of the digital landscape, we stand vulnerable to the abyss of data loss and the lurking shadows of security threats. Studies reveal that the toll of data loss and downtime reaches a staggering $1.7 trillion annually across the global economic landscape.

Consider these plausible scenarios where the specter of data loss looms:

  • Malevolent hackers infiltrating your sanctum, leaving destruction in their wake.
  • Hosting providers, custodians of your digital treasures, succumbing to the unforeseen loss of your data.
  • Hosting platforms wielding the power to terminate your account, erasing the tapestry of your digital existence.

In this perilous landscape, where shadows of uncertainty abound, the bastion against the impending storm is a strategic and routine backup plan.(Updraft Blog)

WordPress, while a stalwart companion, lacks an innate backup solution. Fear not, for within the realm of plugins, a myriad of choices awaits. Although Duplicator beckons, UpdraftPlus stands as a formidable ally, allowing you to orchestrate automated backup schedules and offering a lifeline when calamity strikes.

Now, let us embark on a journey through the intricate process of crafting a sanctuary for your WordPress haven with UpdraftPlus.

The initial stride on this odyssey involves the installation and activation of the free UpdraftPlus plugin. Navigate through the labyrinth of plugin installation with our detailed guide.

Post-activation, pilgrimage to the Settings » UpdraftPlus Backups sanctuary to unveil the altar of configuration.

  1. Navigating the Settings Tab: In this hallowed space, set forth the rhythms of automatic backup schedules and designate a celestial abode for your backups.
  2. Deciphering the Backup Schedule: Delineate the cadence of file backups – encompassing themes, plugins, images, and uploads. Simultaneously, orchestrate a symphony of database backups, the repository of your digital musings.(Updraft Blog)
  3. Choosing the Haven for Backup Files: Venture into the realm of remote cloud storage, for placing your treasures in proximity invites peril. Embrace the likes of Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive. Each beckons with its own enchanting setup incantations.
  4. Storing Your Troves on Dropbox: In the tapestry of remote storage, select Dropbox as your ally. A journey to the bottom of the page and a click upon the ‘Save Changes’ button seals the covenant.
  5. Securing the Gateway: The alliance forged, yet access to Dropbox demands acknowledgment. Descend to the remote storage setup, triggering the sacred ‘Authenticate with Dropbox’ link.

Thus, the foundation is laid, a sanctuary established, guarded by the vigilant sentinels of UpdraftPlus.

To continue this saga of digital fortification with UpdraftPlus, explore the subtleties of manual backups, the dance of restoration, and a critical review of this stalwart ally in our subsequent chapters.

As we traverse the corridors of digital guardianship, let’s unravel the enigma of manual backups. While UpdraftPlus orchestrates automated symphonies, the power to command a manual overture lies at your fingertips.(Updraft Blog)

  1. Invocation of the Manual Rite: Visit the Settings » UpdraftPlus Backups sanctuary and invoke the ‘Backup Now’ ritual. A pop-up altar presents options, allowing you to harmonize the backup of your WordPress database and files, with the option to dispatch the backup to the celestial realms of remote storage.
  2. Commencing the Ritual: For a complete opus, embrace both database and file backups. The ‘Backup Now’ button becomes the conduit for this symphony.
  3. Observing the Progress: Behold the unfolding spectacle as UpdraftPlus commences the creation of a tapestry, capturing your files and database in a digital embrace. The Settings page reveals the gradual progression of this spectacle.
  4. The Ascension to the Clouds: Concurrently, the ethereal journey of your backups begins, ascending to the remote location designated in the annals of your digital pact.

Amidst the challenges of the digital cosmos, the true efficacy of backups lies in the ability to resurrect. UpdraftPlus, the maestro of restoration, ensures a seamless revival.(Updraft Blog)

  1. A Blank Canvas: In scenarios where the sanctity of your WordPress sanctuary is compromised, the first decree is to cleanse and reinstall WordPress.
  2. Summoning UpdraftPlus Anew: Install and activate the UpdraftPlus plugin on the freshly consecrated WordPress realm. The familiar pilgrimage leads to the Settings » UpdraftPlus Backups tab.
  3. Initiating the Restoration Rite: Within the sacred confines of the ‘Restore’ button, the path to resurrection unfolds. UpdraftPlus embarks on a quest to scan your server, seeking echoes of past backups within the /wp-content/updraft/ sanctuary.
  4. Navigating the Void: The erased canvas presents a challenge, but fear not. If your backup files linger on your earthly device, the ‘Upload backup files’ beckons, allowing you to breathe life into your digital tapestry.
  5. Connecting with the Ether: Alternatively, reconnect with the remote locations of Dropbox or Google Drive. UpdraftPlus, the digital necromancer, sifts through the astral planes, resurrecting your once-lost backups.
  6. The Symphony of Restoration: As you navigate the ‘Existing Backups’ tab, the option to ‘Rescan remote location’ surfaces. UpdraftPlus, armed with knowledge, unveils the stored treasures from the cosmic realms.
  7. The Final Flourish: Select your desired restoration, click ‘Restore,’ and witness the harmonious restoration unfold. Your digital sanctum reborn from the echoes of its own past.

In our exploration of the digital tapestry woven by UpdraftPlus, we uncover its prowess as a stalwart guardian. For DIY enthusiasts craving autonomy in backup schedules and remote storage choices, UpdraftPlus emerges as a compelling choice.(Updraft Blog)


While the allure of its free embrace captivates many, those seeking additional embellishments can ascend to the realms of UpdraftPlus Premium. At a cost of $70 per annum, this premium offering unveils a trove of add-ons, including the Website Migrator, UpdraftVault, and priority support.(Updraft Blog)


For seekers of alternatives, the realm of Duplicator beckons. With its own array of virtues, including scheduled backups and diverse cloud storage integrations, Duplicator Pro presents an alternative gateway, commencing at $49.50 annually.(Updraft Blog)

Should real-time backups and boundless storage beckon without the need for external repositories, Jetpack VaultPress Backup emerges as a worthy sage. Priced at $59.40 yearly, it proffers 10GB of cloud storage, a 30-day backup archive, effortless 1-click restoration, and expert support.(Updraft Blog)

As we conclude this odyssey of safeguarding your digital haven, heed this truth: while backups shield against emergencies, they stand as mere sentinels against the common threats of hacking, malware, and code injection.(Updraft Blog)

Journey further into the realms of WordPress security, as illuminated in our ultimate guide. Only through fortification against the shadows can your WordPress citadel stand resilient amidst the ever-evolving digital cosmos.(Updraft Blog)

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May this compendium serve as your guiding star in the vast constellation of WordPress mastery. And if the thirst for knowledge lingers, explore the cosmos of Google Analytics setup or discover the curated gems among Instagram plugins.(Updraft Blog)